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Hedge Accounting

June 2017

Treasury Transformation – part 1

Take advantage of cloud technology to reduce treasury costs, optimise working capital and minimise risk

Hedge Accounting
May 2017

IFRS 9 Hedge Accounting- Things to Consider

Following on from our first article which covered the advantages and disadvantages of early adoption, our second article in our IFRS 9 series discusses risk management and other transition issues. It also provides a handy checklist for the adoption of the new standard for hedge accounting.

Hedge Accounting
March 2017

IFRS 9 Hedge Accounting- Time to early adopt?

Read our first article of the series written by Visual Risk’s Head of Quantitative Analysis. John Clarson explains the advantages and disadvantages of the early adoption of IFRS 9 and with the compulsory adoption date rapidly approaching it makes this topic an important read if you are considering the new

Case Studies
November 2016

Heritage Bank: A Case Study

Read how Heritage Bank Australia’s largest customer-owned bank successfully implemented Visual Risk, enhancing their workflow practices and improved their internal reporting capabilities within treasury operations.

Case Studies
July 2016

Computershare: A Case Study

Read how Computershare, the world’s largest share registry company, deployed a TMS across its global treasury network. The intention was to replace a combination of systems and spreadsheets with one centralized TMS to reduce operational risks, achieve efficiencies and improve reporting.

Case Studies
September 2015

Secure Trust Bank: A Case Study

Read how Secure Trust Bank adopted Visual Risk to automate their treasury operations, provide comprehensive and timely ALCO reporting, and apply best practice interest rate risk management procedures to their operations.

June 2015

Insight: Managing Targets with Cashflow-at-Risk

This article looks at Cashflow-at-risk and how it can be applied to manage market risk and make more effective hedging decisions.

Case Studies
May 2015

Defence Bank: A Case Study

This case study demonstrates how Defence Bank’s implementation of a TRM solution transformed their treasury operations and supported the strategic direction of the bank.

Case Studies
March 2015

MSF Sugar Limited: A Case Study

This case study explores how Visual Risk helped MSF Sugar implement an integrated risk analytics and reporting solution that enhanced the visibility of their sugar price and FX risk, leading to better commercial decisions.

Case Studies
November 2014

Charter Hall Property Group: A Case Study

This case study explores how Visual Risk helped Charter Hall re-envision their treasury requirements and pro-actively collaborated to deliver a successful implementation, both on-time and within budget.

Case Studies
November 2014

Meridian Energy: A Case Study

This case study, conducted by gtnews, explores how Meridian Energy used the Visual Risk system to consolidate the group’s treasury technology into a single system solution.

Risk Management
July 2014

New Liquidity Risk Rules for Financial Institutions to Impact Corporates

Visual Risk’s Paul Nailand discusses how the new global liquidity risk regulation for financial institutions (FIs)  will impact corporate treasuries and what forward-looking treasurers can do to turn it to their advantage.

April 2013

Credit Value Adjustments for IFRS 13

This article reviews the dual challenges of sourcing appropriate credit spreads and calculating CVA/DVAs under IFRS13. It also reviews their application to valuations and hedge accounting under IAS 39.

Risk Management
May 2012

Insight: Managing Treasury Targets with Cashflow-at-Risk

This article looks at Cashflow-at-Risk (CFaR) and how it can be applied to manage market risk and make more effective hedging decisions.

February 2012

Insight: Volatility surfaces

This article explores the complexities of option valuations incorporating volatility, strike price and time-to-expiry through a volatility surface.

Hedge Accounting
September 2011

Insight: Hedge Accounting for Currency Basis

This article reviews the complex hedge accounting of Cross Currency Interest Rate Swaps including the impact of basis risk.

Hedge Accounting
May 2011

Insight: An introduction to IFRS 9

This article reviews some of the proposed changes to IAS 39 hedge accounting under IFRS 9.

Risk Management
September 2010

Insight: A Practical Framework for Managing Market Risk

This article describes the practical steps to apply when developing a coherent Treasury policy to limit risk and the potential adverse impact of market movements.

Hedge Accounting
November 2009

Insight: Hedge Accounting for Cross Currency Swaps

This article reviews some the possible options for hedge accounting Cross Currency Interest Rate Swaps (CCIRS) under IAS 39.

September 2009

Insight: Credit Risk Adjusted Valuations

This article reviews the incorporation of credit spreads to determine the fair value of financial instruments and the potential flow on impact to IAS 39 hedge effectiveness and accounting.

Hedge Accounting
June 2009

Insight: Hedge Accounting for Options

This article reviews some of the complexities of hedge accounting for FX options under the IAS 39 Standard.

Hedge Accounting
July 2008

Insight: Market Risk Sensitivity

This article looks at the most challenging aspect of IFRS 7 which is the reporting of market risk and risk sensitivity.

Risk Management
May 2008

Global Visions on Corporate Risks

Paul Nailand, Managing Director and Founder of Visual Risk, is interviewed by Judith van Paassen, partner at Zanders.

Hedge Accounting
September 2007

Insight: An Introduction to IFRS 7

This article discusses the IFRS 7 Standard and explores some of the key risk issues that will require greater disclosure under it.

Risk Management
July 2007

A New Entrant to the Technology Market

An article about Visual Risk by James Cornell, Treasurer, Arlington Securities, Treasury Management International Magazine, UK (July 2007 Edition)

March 2007

Insight: Options Valuations

This article focuses on the valuation of options, including some different methodologies that can be applied and the basic principles of volatility.

November 2006

Insight: FX Valuations

This article explores the basics of Forward Exchange Valuations and discusses interest rate parity theory using examples.

June 2006

Insight: An introduction to Valuation

This article provides a basic introduction to financial instrument valuation using zero curves.

March 2006

Insight: Valuation Differences

This article reviews some reasons why valuations of financial instruments can differ depending on their source. We present a set of practical steps to assist in resolving such differences.

Hedge Accounting
November 2005

Insight: An introduction to hedge accounting

This article addresses the IAS 39 Standard and reviews the basics of Cash Flow and Fair Value hedge accounting in practice.

Hedge Accounting
September 2005

Insight: Prospective and Retrospective Testing

This article addresses IAS 39 Hedge Accounting and the basics of Prospective and Retrospective effectiveness testing.

Hedge Accounting
June 2005

Insight: An Introduction to IAS 39

This article introduces the basics of the IAS 39 Hedge Accounting Standard including the rationale for the new Standard and its immediate implications.