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Visual Risk is the most advanced treasury system of its kind for Corporates. At the core of our solution is the ability to process, analyse and display complex data in a unique graphical manner. This assists treasury to better visualise, understand and report complex information to senior management, leading to better decisions.

Modular by design, integrated by nature, it can be flexibly tailored to your requirements. Whether your situation is simple or complex, we can deliver a system to perfectly meet your needs. Easy to use and cost-effective, Visual Risk will deliver the strategic advantage you need to effectively manage your treasury.



Visual Risk can be deployed via the Cloud or locally. Core modules can be licenced individually and integrated with other treasury solutions. Alternatively, modules can be integrated to deliver a single, fully-featured treasury system.



The calibre of our client relationship staff is unparalleled. Visual Risk is committed to delivering best-practice implementation, support and training services which crucially ensure you will gain maximum benefit from our solutions.


Market Data

Visual Risk automatically imports market data via the web through our partnership with Thomson Reuters. You only pay for the data you need. Alternatively, it can also connect to other data providers.


Visual Risk™ are risk management experts. Our solution enables risk managers to easily analyse complex data and then design superior risk mitigation strategies. At the core of our Risk Analytics module is the ability to process, analyse, interpret and display data via a unique reporting dashboard. It quantifies market risk sensitivities within your underlying positions and allows you to dynamically analyse and stress test both existing portfolios and potential ‘what if’ hedging strategies and exposures. Visual Risk empowers risk managers to make better informed decisions.
  • Visualises your risk

    The reporting dashboard intelligently mines and analyses portfolio data from deep within your portfolios and then publishes the outputs with clear visual representations for management reporting, ensuring compliance with your treasury policy and other management reporting metrics.

  • Models your exposures

    The engine effortlessly consolidates your exposures and hedges and applies behavioural assumptions. It then simulates potential market movement impacts on forecast cashflow and valuations. It can model multiple portfolio risk over differing asset classes and apply correlations.

  • Simulates market duress

    Applies advanced risk management techniques such as Cashflow-at-Risk and Value-at-Risk to stress test existing portfolios over thousands of simulated scenarios. It can also analyse the impact of potential ‘what-if’ hedging strategies on your cashflow outcomes.

  • Data

    Consolidates existing exposures and hedges from various systems & spreadsheets across the company

  • Scenario

    Sources scenarios from underlying market data & allows users to automate or customise curve shifts & twists

  • Enrich & Project

    Combines scenarios with forecast exposures and what-if hedging strategies to project cashflow & compare outcomes

  • Analyse & Report

    Dynamically analyses sensitivity, policy compliance & impact of what-if hedging strategies in a unique reporting dashboard

  • Advanced instrument library

    Captures exposures across IR, FX, Energy and CommoditiesModels and values most financial instruments from vanilla through to exoticsSupports complex derivatives like cross currency swaps, inflation products, exotic options, Asians and BermudansModels customised structures

    Reports policy compliance

    Supports policy metrics like hedge ratios, effective rate targeting and DurationReports credit risk against policy limits using customisable potential credit exposure calculationsReports variance from budgets and targetsEnables regular policy review and re-assessment

    Superior market risk analysis

    Stress tests portfolios with dynamic scenario shifts and twistsExcels at what-if analysis for hedge strategy comparisonsHelps to optimise the risk/reward trade-off of hedging strategiesAssesses bank proposals, potential close-out of existing hedges, blend and extends

  • Forecasting & sensitivities

    Aggregates and analyses alternative exposure and hedging profilesGenerates long-term cash flow forecasts based on differing market outcomesFlexes and stresses forecasts with interactive scenariosAssesses cash flow and valuation sensitivities with ease

    Dynamic visual reporting

    Applies a unique visual approach to analyse, quantify and report risk exposuresGenerates dynamic flexible reporting to provide unique insights for managementAnalytic output is graphically and numerically representedProvides drill-down capability on underlying instruments and data

    Advanced risk methodologies

    Analyses Cashflow-at-Risk with dynamic Monte Carlo simulationsOptional algorithms: Geometric Brownian Motion, Mean Reversion and Jump DiffusionGenerates Value-at-Risk with multiple confidence intervalsMulti asset class analysis across FX, Interest Rates, Commodities with correlations


IAS 39 • IFRS 7 • IFRS 9 • IFRS 13
Visual Risk™ delivers a market-leading solution to comply with today’s complex hedge accounting standards. From IAS 39, IFRS 9 and IFRS13 to advanced monte carlo CVAs, our solution will simplify the designation and testing of hedge relationships and generate all detailed compliance documentation and accounting entries. It allows for easy designation of hedges into cashflow, fair value or net investment hedge relationships and performs all effectiveness testing. Our experts pro-actively monitor changes in the Standards to always ensure ongoing compliance.
  • Simplifies hedge accounting

    The solution allows you to designate and test any hedge relationship, producing fully compliant hedge documentation and all accounting entries to satisfy ever-changing accounting standards. This will assist in reducing or eliminating your earnings volatility

  • Solves complex issues

    It delivers proven solutions for the most challenging of requirements including cross currency swaps, basis risk, inflation linked derivatives, amortising structures and options. It can utilises customisable hypothetical derivatives for cashflow hedges

  • Streamlines compliance

    It easily produces your financial risk disclosures including liquidity reporting, market valuations, sensitivity impacts and credit value adjustments, using simple and advanced potential future exposure methodologies to satisfy Big 4 audit requirements

  • Designate

    Easily allocates exposures & hedges to fair value, cash flow or net investment hedge relationships

  • Value

    Values a broad library of instruments with CVAs. Can include currency & money market basis spreads

  • Test

    Tests prospectively & retrospectively using a wide range of advanced approaches & hypothetical derivatives

  • Document

    Generates all hedge documentation including strategy, objectives & test results to satisfy audit needs

  • Account

    Generates accounting entries & breakdowns between P&L, balance sheet & hedge reserve for posting to GL

  • Designates & documents

    Quickly links interest rate, FX and Commodity exposures and hedgesGenerates fully IAS 39/IFRS 9 compliant hedge documentationSupports partial allocation of exposures to hedges and time bucketing of exposuresReports by individual instrument or by portfolio

    Tests effectiveness

    Tests prospectively and retrospectively using regression or dollar-offsetAllows customisable hypothetical derivative for effectiveness testingCan split option valuation into time and intrinsic valueProvides breakdown of effectiveness testing outcomes

    Easily handles complexity

    Handles cross currency swaps and amortising structuresDelivers defined-range effectiveness tests for optionsCan test relationships troubled by basis risk mismatchesIntegrates CVA/DVA adjustments into hedge accounting documentation

  • Detailed reporting

    Generates all report outputs for audit purposesCalculates equity and P&L accounting entries for all relationshipsValues exposures and hedges excluding accrued interest, margin or forward pointsProvides a full suite of summary reports

    Simplifies IFRS 7 disclosure

    Applies sensitivity analyses with user-defined market shocksAllocates market sensitivity results into potential impact on equity and P&LGenerates liquidity risk disclosures using undiscounted cash flowsCalculates counterparty credit risk based on user-defined parameters


Visual Risk™ will significantly improve the productivity of your treasury operations and deliver full cash visibility. It can cater for everything from capturing a facility drawdown to valuing an exotic FX option and reconciling an electronic bank statement. Tasks ranging from day-to-day treasury operations, cash management and accounting through to Board reporting will be significantly streamlined. The solution supports a secure deal workflow with the necessary segregation of duties, security, audit trail and treasury controls. Further efficiencies are achievable via integration to accounting, banking and payments platforms.

  • Efficiency & control

    Our solution delivers consistent and integrated treasury processes to capture, confirm and settle internal and external treasury transactions. We offer strong back office support for all treasury activities within a fully integrated, secure environment

    Cash visibility

    Centrally manages bank accounts, imports daily statements and provides a complete view of your cash and and future liquidity positions, including non-treasury cash flow. Will report variances between actual cashflow and prior forecasts

    Detailed reporting

    Provides extensive reporting and dashboards for instant visibility on all crucial treasury metrics, activities and positions. All reporting can be easily configured by users for maximum flexibility. This allows treasury to focus on more crucial strategic activities

  • Pre-Deal

    Ensures proposed transactions are undertaken within defined treasury policy & limits

  • Secure

    Provides secure deal capture, approval & confirmation workflow with segregation of duties & auditing

  • Efficient

    Automates repetitive treasury processes including bulk rate-sets, settlements & accounting

  • Cash

    Imports bank statements, adding treasury and other non treasury cash flow to construct forecasts

  • Comprehensive

    Delivers a broad suite of user-configurable reports to ensure full visibility over treasury operations

  • Streamlined workflow

    Captures and values a broad range of interest rate, FX, inflation and commodity instrumentsSimplifies workflow from deal capture through approvals, confirmations to settlementDelivers a full suite of comprehensive flexible reporting

    Debt facility management

    Captures bank facilities, bank guarantees, letters of credit and intercompany loansSupports all revolving, multicurrency and syndicated loan facilities with complex fee structuresAccurately reports facility utilisation, all fees and accruals in detail

    Integrated market data

    Interfaces easily and automatically with leading data providersGenerates all valuations with detailed breakdowns and data historiesInternally generates market curves for deal valuationsAutomates bulk instrument rate setting

  • Robust audit and security

    Segregates duties to create a secure treasury environmentDelivers a highly structured transaction workflow and approval processMaintains a comprehensive audit trailEasily configurable to support either simple or complex treasuries

    Simplified accounting

    Delivers journals for interest accruals, valuations and exposuresIntegrates easily with a wide range of accounting systemsProvides ability to eye-check entries before postingSupports multiple charts of accounts

    Cash management

    Balances and transactions can be uploaded and reconciledConsolidates treasury and non-treasury inputs to generate daily and longer term cash-flow projectionsSaves forecasts to facilitate Actual versus forecast reporting



The solution delivers all the benefits of our core modules in a seamlessly integrated package:

Risk AnalyticsHedge AccountingTreasury & Cash Management.

It is designed from the ground up to simplify all treasury activities. From pre-deal analysis and deal capture, right through to risk analytics, stress testing, treasury policy, cash management, general ledger, hedge accounting and board reporting, it will deliver you full control over all treasury functions in a single treasury ecosystem.