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Simple or complex, we’ll deliver an integrated treasury and risk management system that meets your needs. Easy to use and cost-effective, Visual Risk is the platform you need to effectively manage your treasury operations and balance sheet risk.

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Latest Mobile Technologies

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We delight our clients with deep bank treasury expertise, innovative next generation technology and market-leading support.

“Selecting Visual Risk has helped us take a fresh look at our treasury workflow operations with a view to increasing efficiencies whilst maintaining the core integrity of our processes. The system has fit seamlessly into our core banking and accounting platforms and has made data more accessible.

Peter Haller

Assistant Treasurer, Heritage Bank

Leveraging technology allows us to be proactive, supports our treasury goals both financial and procedural and most importantly mitigates the risk that we encounter on a day to day basis

Dean Barton

Chief Financial Officer, Defence Bank

We spoke to similar organisations using Visual Risk and the feedback was very positive. Visual Risk allowed us to move ALM reporting in-house and integrate it with treasury management – we could do more with it and trust it all.

Honni Pitt

Finance Manager, Bank of us

“For a financial institution of our size and resourcing, an integrated risk and treasury solution means that we can not only manage daily operations but also focus on our strategic priorities.”

Stuart Clarke

Head of Treasury, Secure Trust Bank

Modular Treasury. Improved Productivity. Better Decisions.

Asset Liability Management


The Asset Liability Management module quantifies risk sensitivities within your underlying positions. It allows you to dynamically analyse and stress test both existing portfolios and potential ‘what if’ strategies.

Benefits include:

  • Risk visualisation
  • Balance sheet modelling
  • Market duress simulation

Our solution enables risk managers to easily analyse complex data and design superior risk mitigation strategies. At the core of our module is the ability to process, analyse, interpret and display key metrics like Gap, Value at Risk and net interest income via a unique reporting dashboard.

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Download Asset Liability Management Factsheet

Designed from the ground up to simplify your interest rate risk management activities, the module delivers full control over your balance sheet and market risk functions in a single treasury ecosystem.

Features include:

  • Prudential reporting
  • Advanced risk analysis
  • Balance sheet forecasting
  • Flexible assumptions
  • Easy data integration


Liquidity Risk Management


Visual Risk offers a solution that enables financial institutions to strategically manage their liquidity risk and comply with onerous regulatory reporting requirements. It applies a flexible modelling framework to forecast the multiple product behavioural assumptions and scenarios required to effectively stress-test and report on a liquidity position. Working alongside our ALM solution, risk managers can simultaneously model the impact of funding and product strategies on their liquidity and net margin.

Benefits include:

  • Insight analytics
  • Prudential reporting
  • Flexible modelling

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Download Liquidity Risk Management Factsheet

Designed from the ground up to simplify your product modelling, it will deliver you full control over your liquidity in a single treasury ecosystem.

Features include:

  • Import & Classifications
  • Scenario modelling
  • Comprehensive reporting


Hedge Accounting

IAS 39 • IFRS 7 • IFRS 9 • IFRS 13 • Fair Value Macro

Visual Risk Hedge Accounting allows for easy designation of hedges into cashflow, fair value or net investment hedge relationships. The module can perform dynamic portfolio hedge accounting and all effectiveness testing.

Benefits include:

  • Simplified hedge accounting
  • Supports complex products including CVA / DVA
  • Streamlined compliance workflows

From IAS 39, IFRS 9 and IFRS13 to advanced CVAs, the module makes the designation and testing of hedge relationships easy. It generates all detailed compliance documentation and accounting entries.

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Download Hedge Accounting Factsheet

The Hedge Accounting module helps corporates to comply with the IAS 39, IFRS 9, IFRS 7 and IFRS13 accounting and reporting standards.

Features include:

  • Designation and documentation
  • Effectiveness testing
  • Detailed reporting
  • Easy handling of complexity
  • Simplification of IFRS 7 disclosures
  • Aggregates banking book  profiles
  • Rebalances on expected vs actual prepayment profiles


Treasury & Cash Management


The solution can cater for everything from capturing a facility drawdown to valuing a derivative and automatically loading an electronic bank statement. Tasks ranging from day-to-day treasury operations, cash management and accounting through to high-level Board reporting will be significantly streamlined. The solution supports a secure deal workflow with the necessary segregation of duties, security, audit trail and treasury controls.

  • Efficiency & control
  • Cash visibility
  • Detailed reporting

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Download Treasury & Cash Management Factsheet

Automates daily operations, cash management and accounting with the necessary controls, segregation of duties and audit trail. Features include:

  • Streamlined workflow
  • Debt facility management
  • Integrated market data
  • Robust audit and security
  • Simplified accounting
  • Cash management


Cloud Connectivity


Visual Risk’s next generation platform delivers seamless cloud connectivity, security and automated straight-through-processing. This integration efficiency will optimise the daily workflow and activities of your treasury. Our Cloud technology can be hosted anywhere in the world or tailored locally to suit your specific needs.

Modern treasuries exist in an increasingly diverse ecosystem of third-party applications including:

  • Accounting / ERP systems
  • Core banking systems and bank portals
  • Market data sources
  • Trading platforms
  • Business intelligence tools and spreadsheets.

Visual Risk will integrate them all and act as the heartbeat of your treasury operations. It will transform the way your team works and interacts.

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Download Cloud Connectivity Factsheet

Visual Risks next-gen cloud treasury delivers total STP in secure world-class data facilities.

Features include:

  • Multiple interfaces for straight-through-processing
  • Automated and scheduled overnight downloads
  • Data warehouse to support BI tools
  • Fraud prevention and security controls
  • Regular security reviews and vulnerability testing
  • Seamlessly contents to multiple market data sources


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