Implementation, Training & Support

Expert consultation ensures successful implementation


“We spoke to similar organisations using Visual Risk and the feedback was very positive. Visual Risk allowed us to move ALM reporting in-house and integrate it with treasury management – we could do more with it and trust it all.”

Honni Pitt

Financial Controller, B&E Banking

Implementation and training

A successful implementation is built on a robust implementation methodology delivered by experienced consultants.

Visual Risk will work with business, IT and project management stakeholders to build a detailed implementation plan. Achievement of deliverables will be measured against the plan.

This requires a complete understanding of a company’s requirements, procedures and desired outcomes. Over the years we have distilled our experience into a collaborative methodology that ensures successful implementation and maximum return on investment.

Implementation Process

Scoping & Planning

Your dedicated Visual Risk Relationship Manager will meet with all stakeholders to ensure all project scoping and planning is stabilised prior to project commencement. This ensures the project runs smoothly.

Solution Deployment

Our experienced IT team will install either a local or web hosted version to suit your business’ requirements. Best-practice web services and file-based interfaces will be deployed to integrate with any existing third-party systems.

Data Import

Static data and business rules will be established to ensure transactional data can be rapidly uploaded from any third party sources. Our team uses bulk loading tools to make data import seamless, fast and hassle-free.

Interface Deployment

Once all data configuration and transaction upload are complete, interfaces to third party systems and data sources will be configured and deployed into a test environment. Thorough testing will ensure all interfaces function correctly.

Training & Reporting

Key users are trained to use the system through a step-by-step process. Sample transactions and workflow will be modelled to validate output and deliver desired reporting formats. More advanced features of the system will be introduced over time.

Testing & Go-Live

Once users are familiar with the system and reporting, your Relationship Manager will assist with any parallel runs and user acceptance testing. Key processes will be documented and you will receive any assistance required to ensure a smooth Go-Live process.


At Visual Risk, we are committed to delivering best-practice Support. Support is critical in ensuring our clients gain the maximum efficiencies from our software.

As highly skilled treasury practitioners, our expert team offers broad expertise across the technically challenging fields of risk analysis, derivative valuations and hedge accounting. They engage with your treasury staff and auditors to ensure optimal and efficient treasury management.

Ongoing user training is critical to ensuring our clients remain fully up to date with all new developments in the Visual Risk system. As your treasury needs evolve or changes occur within your team, we will always be on hand to provide you with all the help you need.

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