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For Financial Institutions

Visual Risk provides financial institutions with a single software solution to manage the full range of treasury related activities.

As a risk management tool, Visual Risk's powerful calculation engine simulates the impact of market movements on net income and capital. Our flexible liquidity management framework can model multiple scenarios while generating the full range of liquidity ratios. As a robust treasury management system, Visual Risk caters for everything from capturing and settling transactions to providing full segregation of duties and robust reporting. Our market-leading hedge accounting component enables customers to easily designate, test and document their hedge relationships.

Within this Total Treasury™ solution we deliver the following core components:

Reporting Dashboard

In addition to the core components, Visual Risk offers a broad range of specialist functionalities which allow you to flexibly tailor and enhance your system configuration to perfectly suit your treasury needs.

A key strength of our product offering is the unique Reporting Dashboard. The dashboard intelligently mines and analyses portfolio data from deep within the various components and then publishes the outputs with clear visual representations for management reporting. It can graphically report:

  • GAP analysis
  • NPV Impact on Capital
  • NII metrics & Monte Carlo simulations
  • Value at Risk
  • Risk scenario analysis
  • Balance Sheet forecasts
  • Liquidity Risk and ratios
  • Sensitivity analysis / stress testing
  • Performance to Budget reporting
  • What-if hedge strategy evaluation

The combination of the powerful Reporting Dashboard with our core components delivers the most comprehensive treasury solution available in the market today.

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