Visual Risk is a leading provider of risk management and treasury software in the cloud for both Corporate and Financial Services sectors.

Our mission is to deliver the world’s best, most integrated front-to-back and user-friendly treasury software in the very latest technologies.

“We saw that Visual Risk was much more intuitive and user-friendly than other products we’d seen.”

Honni Pitt

Financial Controller, B&E Personal Banking

Our Difference

Technological disruption, regulatory pressure, volatile markets and powerful efficiency drivers are forcing treasuries to look beyond spreadsheets for more robust and fully-featured solutions.
Visual Risk has recognised this need and assembled a dedicated team of experienced treasury and technology professionals.
We are the first to fully integrate unique forward-looking risk analytics together with best-of-breed back-office, cash and hedge accounting together with:
  • Cloud connectivity
  • Automation
  • Full data security

We are committed to excellence in four key areas:

Continuous innovation

Key to our success has been our proven leadership in the research and development of advanced risk and hedge accounting analytics along with advanced compliance solutions. These are highly complex and dynamic fields where rapid change has become the norm. We have excelled and thrived in this ever-changing financial environment and can now offer practical solutions which dynamically advance in the face of continuous change.

Rapid implementation

We make a point of deploying our solutions in a far shorter time frame than other vendors in the treasury space. Our implementations are often completed promptly in a matter of weeks rather than months, which means we can greatly reduce much of the cost, time and disruption normally associated with the implementation process. This delivers great efficiency gains and is enormously attractive to our users.

Intuitive and easy-to-use software

A primary objective of any great tech company is to develop solutions that are intuitive and easy-to-use. We build software that clients can learn to use quickly. This eliminates repetitive tasks and effortlessly provides clear answers to complex problems. Our systems quickly report on past, present and future treasury activities in a unique way. This eliminates the need for large suites of error prone spreadsheets.

Market-leading client service

We offer our clients access to deep expertise across the most technically and quantitatively challenging aspects of treasury, such as risk analysis, hedging, derivative valuations and hedge accounting. As a company, we are philosophically committed to delighting our clients with best-practice service, support and training. This is critical to ensure they achieve the maximum strategic advantage and benefits from our software.

Our Story

Visual Risk is a privately owned financial technology company who focus on treasury solutions. Based in Sydney with a branch in London, we actively service our client base across Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and Europe. Our client base straddles both corporates and financial services sectors.
Founded in 2001, we started out developing our distinctive brand of forward-looking interest rate, FX and commodity risk analytics. Since then, demand from users has driven a rapid diversification into asset-liability management, hedge accounting, treasury management and cash and liquidity management.
The result is today’s unique treasury software solution suite which has proved invaluable for treasurers and risk managers worldwide. Corporates and financial institutions around the world rely on Visual Risk for their treasury needs.

A unique combination of innovative technology, ease-of-use, rapid implementation and great support

Forward thinking next generation technology

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